The History and Evolution of Valentines Day

Is Valentine’s Day specifically engineered to make every non-coupled up person feel like absolute crap? Where did Valentine’s Day actually came from, and how did it evolve into us ordering that second pizza after looking at pictures of happy couples on Instagram?

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Fame- is it worth it?

At the tender age of 12 years old; childhood starlet Drew Barrymore was already a deflated, alcohol-infused shadow of her innocent on-screen characters. By 13, she had slit her wrists open. Glitz and Glamour. Drugs and Alcohol. Diamonds and Sex. Money and Misery.

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borrowed poems from an anonymous

Today’s blog is not about me. A certain person; who wishes to stay anonymous; wanted me to publish their poems here! They’ve been writing poems for practically their whole life, but they’ve never actually shown them to anybody! However, when I saw how amazing their poems were, I knew that I just had to share […]

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The History and Evolution of Halloween

It’s everyone’s favourite holiday. Why wouldn’t it be? We get to dress up as something completely ridiculous and eat candy all day! But haven’t you ever wondered where this tradition came from, and how it evolved into dressing up as a sexy (insert completely non-sexy object/profession here)? Today we’ll be having a little history lesson […]

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