borrowed poems from an anonymous- ‘Expressions of Love’ and ‘Experience’

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

Someone that I’m very close to loves to write poetry. However, they simply don’t like having to deal with the pressure of having their name attached to their work, which is completely understandable. So every month or so, I anonymously publish a couple of their poems here!

This month is no different! Comment below and let me know if you enjoyed reading the poems. Be sure to show our anonymous poet some love in the comments!

I’m going to stop talking and let our anonymous poet take over.

‘Expressions of Love’

Expressions of love in the little things you do,

Sincerity in your eyes expresses to be true,

Why do you love me so much…?

At times your questions were such…

The sad look on your face,

For every time I claimed my own space,

Your mischief, filled my silence with laughter,

You were a part of me then and forever after,

A sadness entraps my heart,

For each moment that we part,

And in spite of being so far away,

My thoughts remain with you each day,

Remembering the things you used to say,

Imparting your knowledge in every small way,

Believe me your love did show through,

I must have done something special to deserve you,

With expressions of love; in the little things you do.


A touching experience moves me to tears,

A horrible experience triggers my fears,

A foggy experience waits until it clears,

A lilting experience opens my ears,

I hope the experience of your friendship lasts through the years.

Thank you for reading! Comment your opinion of the poems and show the anonymous poet some love!

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