Borrowed Poems From An Anonymous- ‘End of an Era’ and ‘We Will Never Learn’

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger.’

As you probably already know, this is a continuing series here where I publish poems written by an extremely close friend of mine. They are an absolutely amazing writer, but they still value their anonymity, and hence choose not to include their name with their poems.

Therefore, I’m going to be publishing some of their poems here today! If you enjoy reading, be sure to let the writer know in the comments!

Let’s get started!

‘End of an Era’

A certain space in my heart will always be full of joy and happiness,

to have shared a part of my life with you.

Your positivity, your smile, that spark in your eyes…will stay with me forever…

the doors of your heart were open to all,

you always taught me to rise & never to fall.

Your strength and courage filled me with hope.

Guide me like an angel in this your special way,

I miss you now, forever and a day.

And last but not least…

To quote those last words you said to me…

“You come to see me soon…I love you…”

‘We Will Never Learn’

We didn’t spend enough time together.

Though our love is of a kind; that will last forever.

You brought so much happiness to me,

I no more wonder how perfection would be.

People like you come along, just once in a way,

So I’ll cherish our friendship to each hour, to each day.

And even though you’ve left my heart with a sweet little pain,

I hope to be granted the gift of love; yet once again.

The incorrigible romantics will never learn…

Forever in the flames of desire, we’re destined, to burn

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed these poems, be sure to show the writer some love in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Borrowed Poems From An Anonymous- ‘End of an Era’ and ‘We Will Never Learn’

  1. ‘We Will Never Learn’ is a very beautiful poem- sensitive and sensible. The strain of feelings which runs through is subtle and does leave a sweet tinge of palpable pain. The rhyming pattern of ‘aa’ is simple and felicitous in effect.

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