Types of Annoying People on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that has ever existed. In fact, if you’re anywhere between the ages of 8 to 81, you’ve probably had some sort of experience using the social media platform.

Personally, Instagram serves as a practical way to fight boredom, stay connected with friends, learn about current events and so much more. I’m sure most of you can probably relate to that!

I’m also sure that you can probably relate when I say that Instagram is filled with tons of annoying people.

Even just this month, every time I’ve logged onto Instagram, I’ve found at least one of the annoying people on this list in my feed. Therefore, to make sure I’m not alone in being sarcastic and judgemental, today we’re going to be discussing the types of annoying people on Instagram.

Disclaimer/Trigger Warning- Everyone nowadays is offended by everything so I would like to issue a disclaimer that I don’t care.

Let’s get started!

The Repeat Offender

Most people I know have more than one Instagram account for different purposes. In fact, I think I have around 3 at this point!

Most people my age have what is known as a “spam account,” where they (you guessed it) post spam! Sort of like random pictures of yourself, a couple of funny memes here and there and the occasional mental health breakdown.

It’s sort of like an exclusive club for your closest friends.

Spam accounts are usually extremely hilarious and highly entertaining; and if I’m viewing your spam account, I honestly expect to see a ton of random and funny anecdotes about your day to day life.

What I don’t understand is the people that have multiple Instagram accounts only to post the exact same pictures.

Over and over again.

Not even just the same pictures of themselves. The same memes, the same posts, the same new articles; and guess what- to the exact same followers.

Did you really enjoy that meme about Jeff Bezos that much that it now has to appear in my feed 5 different times?

The Windmill

I really admire people that use their platform for social and political issues that they want to discuss or bring awareness to.

However, nothing infuriates me more than those people that pick up serious issues for the sake of being ‘woke’ or sounding politically aware.

I mean, even that can somehow be justified.

But then there are those people whose opinions on extremely important issues completely revolves around where the wind blows them that particular day.

Okay so you’re completely against animal cruelty until that 17 year pop star announces that their family loves going hunting? You’re totally in support of gun control until that random shirtless TikTok influencer creates a video shooting at a bunch of shooting targets?

I’m one of those people that consciously chooses not to politicise my social media accounts; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s not because I don’t have strong opinions, but just because I view my social media accounts as more of a lighthearted place to escape lamentable real world issues that exist outside of my phone. I’m not saying my way is the right way; I’m just telling you how I do things.

I’ve been accused on numerous occasions of not caring about issues just because i didn’t repost a synthetic, insincere influencer’s ‘political statement.’

However, isn’t it better to consciously choose not to discuss certain topics than to haphazardly change and announce my stance on issues that affect people’s lives based on the opinion of the trendiest celebrity?

To take it a step further, isn’t it better to choose not to discuss issues I know nothing about than to pretend to be ‘woke’ after reading a 140 character tweet?

No opinion is undoubtedly better than an uninformed, ignorant opinion- in my opinion!

Tweet Hijackers

Twitter is amazing. I love Twitter!

In fact, I actually like Twitter much more than Instagram (types of annoying people on Twitter article coming soon?).

Therefore, I can definitely assure you that there is a lot of great content on Twitter.

However, what I don’t understand are the people that screenshot a tweet and then make an Instagram post of themselves dancing in front of it- which subsequently gets way more social engagement than the original tweet?

Even worse, the person that dances in front of the tweet usually doesn’t even ask for permission or credit the original creator. It’s honestly plagiarism and it’s probably so annoying for the person that actually created the original tweet.

Promotional Pea-Brain

I’m going to preface this one by self-admittedly stating that this subheading was inspired by my own Instagram page.

This type of person only shows their face every couple of months in a few and far between selfie or group picture.

Instagram story depicting their day to day life? Forget it.

What do their followers get? A daily Instagram story promoting something. You won’t get to see my face, but at least you get a repost of my friend’s small business!

The Activist Ass

Absolutely nothing is more infuriating than the person that will use their Instagram account with 47 followers to create a heated debate on topics that literally have nothing to do with them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the people that use their platform to bring social causes to the frontline a la environmental causes, unequal opportunity, discrimination and so on.

However, why is it okay for you to create a forum of discussion on whether or not certain communities deserve basic human rights or not? Are you trying to be edgy or are you simply just ignorant?

Are you dumb or stupid? Choose your fighter.

This annoying person is different from ‘The Windmill,’ because ‘The Activist Ass’ never seems to actually even care about the issues that they discuss at length.

Sure, ‘The Windmill’ might change their opinion every 5 minutes, but at least they appear to have some sort of moral compass.

However, ‘The Activist Ass’ is almost always stating some sort of inherently malevolent opinion while simply claiming to play ‘Devil’s Advocate.’

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about “The Activist Ass” is the fact that they usually show other people that it’s socially acceptable to be an idiot.

No, you are not an expert in all things sociopolitical au fait. You’re either a terrible human being or you’re just trying to be annoying.

You’re being followed anyway. Maybe your other 46 followers still care.

The Close Friends Circle of Egomania

If you’ve added me to your list of close friends, I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you.

However, if you use Instagram’s close friends feature as a miniature clique to make fun of people behind their back, you suck.

That’s all I have to say- just let people live their lives without having to be picked apart on your pathetic little group of private friends. It’s not funny, and I’m not going to laugh along to make you feel better about your disgusting behaviour.

If you know somebody that fits the description of one of the types of annoying people on this list, send them this article without telling them which one!

What do you think about the types of about the types of annoying people I mentioned today? Think I missed any? Let me know in the comments!

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