Ah yes, diamonds. Those shiny little rocks that humans have somehow deemed worthy of extreme monetary value. The status symbol of the wealthy.

Derived from the Greek word ‘adámas’ which translates to unbreakable, diamonds have cemented themselves as both a form of currency and status.

However, why are diamonds so celebrated? They aren’t really that rare. In fact, when compared to other precious gemstones, they are actually the most commonly available.

So what makes diamonds so special? Could their affluent reputation really be the result of superstitions passed down from generation to generation? Let’s find out.

Today we’re going to be discussing superstitions related to diamonds- their origin, the implications of wearing them and their spiritual symbolism.

Infidelity and Lie Detector

Diamonds are believed to have the power to enhance the knowledge for the person that wears it. Particularly in terms of lies and infidelity.

It is said that a diamond will sparkle more brightly around the truth, and will dim and darken in the presence of a lie. In fact, Jewish high priests actually used diamonds to determine innocence or guilt during trials of citizens accused of crimes.

Jewish Priest

Although the thought is nice, there are a couple of logistical oversights that I’m not exactly convinced about.

I’m sure today we all know that this isn’t necessarily true. Otherwise women that wear engagement rings or rappers with huge diamond chains wouldn’t be able to go about their normal lives. Diamonds probably just sparkle depending on how much light is in the vicinity at that particular moment.

I just can’t help but think about all those suspected criminals that were executed because of a shiny rock that didn’t do its job at the right time.

In the 1600s men were advised to place a diamond under their pillows at night in order to find out if their wives were cheating on them. However, no one knows what the diamonds were supposed to do to tell them if their wives were committing adultery.

I guess it was just to drive up sales for diamonds? Did marketing exist in the 1600s?

Blinding The Evil Eye

The Weeknd wasn’t the only one blinded by the lights! Yes- I should be a comedian instead of a blogger.

Some believe that a diamond can protect the wearer from the Evil Eye.

For those of you that don’t know, the Evil Eye is yet another superstition (next instalment?- one of the few superstitions I wholeheartedly believe in) where one unknowingly receives a curse from the stare of another person due to envy, jealousy or just extreme admiration.

The Evil Eye is believed to have the power to cause sickness, misfortune, bad luck and even death. You know, things people usually try to avoid happening to them?

Evil Eye, Diamonds

Therefore, in ancient Greece, wealthy women used to wear diamond pendants, with the hope that the sparkle from the diamond would blind the evil eye, and hence mitigate the curse.

However, since the Evil Eye is usually depicted as a single blue eye, people were discouraged from buying and wearing blue diamonds.

Wedding Rings- Don’t Be So Vein

Haven’t you ever wondered why engagement rings are always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand?

Diamond Engagement Ring

Ancient Egyptians believed that there was a vein (Vena Amoris) behind the left ring finger which is connected directly to the heart. Therefore, when a couple would hold hands, their rings would unite the blood in their veins and thus their hearts.

Aw cute.

However, since science ruins everything, modern studies of human anatomy have concluded that no such vein exists, and therefore this superstition is simply inaccurate.

Yes- thousand of wedding ceremonies have been based on random imaginary vein.

Protection from lameness

In India, it is believed that wearing diamonds can protect the wearer from jaundice, leprosy, lameness (no not the so-called influencer from your Instagram feed) and even insanity. It’s even believed that diamonds can protect you from being struck by lightning.

The chances of you being struck by lighting at any given moment are 1 in 500,000. But I’m sure it was the diamond (rolls eyes).

Furthermore, ancient Romans believed that diamonds were shards of fallen stars, or the tears of gods. Therefore, kings and warriors would wear diamond laced breastplates to protect themselves from injury and health issues.

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favourite superstitions, and do you believe in any of the superstitions we talked about today? Let me know in the comments!

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