The Moon- Superstitions and Conspiracy Theories

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Today we’re going to be discussing superstitions and conspiracy theories related to the moon. Now, as a self-proclaimed moon fanatic (the only justification I have for this is that it’s my phone’s wallpaper), I absolutely believe that the moon has superstitious magical power.

The moon, especially before human exploration, is one of the biggest motifs in literature, art and folklore. It represents a variety of different concepts such as intuition, wisdom, insanity and fertility- the list goes on and on.

Even though I’m not really that superstitious, I definitely believe that the moon can be highly indicative of many different omens.

Let’s get started!

Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

Some say that the moon is a hollow extraterrestrial spacecraft that was created by an unknown intelligent alien civilisation.

The ‘Hollow Spaceship Hypothesis’ (also known as the Vasin-Shcherbakov Theory) proposes that the Earth’s moon is completely hollow beneath the surface; due to the presence of an alien civilisation.

Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov proposed that huge machines were used to melt the rock in order to form cavities. The resulting molten lava then spread all over the surface of the moon, forming an irregularly shaped uneven surface.

Hollow Moon | Vasin-Shcherbakov Theory

This faux moon was then placed in Earths orbit: possibly for surveillance?

They elaborated that the moon’s surface is approximately 20 miles of rocky hull. Beneath that, there could be anything. Air, a vacuum, or perhaps even an atmosphere?

Lunar Lunatic

Did you know that the word ‘lunatic’ was created due to the belief that the moon and its lunar cycles could result in mental, behavioural and psychological changes?

Since ancient times, the moon has been associated with psychologically abnormal behaviour and biological changes such as insanity, sleepwalking, increased fertility and epilepsy. Some particularly superstitious surgeons even refuse to perform invasive operations in the presence of a full moon due to the belief that it can cause extreme blood loss.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think about those werewolves you see in bad teen movies that transform in the presence of a full moon.

According to my research, some credit the moon’s effect on human beings to the fact that we are composed of 80% water, and that it can somehow affect the alignment of the molecules in our body. I guess similar to the way ocean tides work?

Something about gravitational effect- any smart people that can help me out in the comment section?

Moon Lunacy | Moonstruck

Although the notion that the moon can affect mood and general temperament has largely been discredited by modern science and medicine, stories of so called ‘lunacy’ have been passed down thousands of generations.

In terms of circalunar biological patterns, an extensive 2013 study conducted in a sleep laboratory concluded that subjects required an extra 5 minutes to fall asleep as well as had a reduced overall sleep time of 20 minutes in the presence of a full moon. Even if they weren’t exposed to moonlight directly.

Researchers found substantial differences in the participants’ electroencephalographic NREM activity when compared to the other 30 sample days, which can conclude that the presence of a full moon does have the power to significantly alter sleeping patterns.

Inuit Folklore

Inuit culture reigns from the ancient shared spiritual beliefs of the Inuit people, an indigenous group of people that inhabited Alaska, Greenland and Canada thousands of years ago.

According to Inuit folklore, Malina (a solar deity representing the sun) was raped by her younger brother Annigan (a lunar deity representing the moon).

Malina then ran away from him so quickly, that she reached the sky, with Annigan quickly chasing after her.

Legend has it that Annigan still remains infatuated with Malina, and wishes to reunite with her. Therefore, he stubbornly chases her around the sky every day; which is why the sun and the moon are rarely seen in the sky together. Sometimes, his obsession captivates him so much that he even forgets to eat- causing the moon’s changing shape and size over time.

Inuit Folklore | Malina | Annigan

Once in a blue moon (no pun intended), he’ll manage to catch up with her, causing a solar eclipse.

Moon Landing Hoax

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the July 20, 1969 moon landing was faked by the United States in an attempt to win the coveted Space Race.

Moon Landing Flag

Claim: In the moon landing images, the American flag appears to be flapping in the air. However, this would be physically impossible as there is no atmosphere in space, and hence no air.

Defence: According to NASA, they had decided to use a right angled metal rod to keep the flag appropriately spread out. However, Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin allegedly accidentally bent the rod, changing their original plan.

They then twisted the flag into the ground, and quickly snapped the picture while the flag was still in motion; as they feared the rod would fall.

Claim: There are no stars in the background of the images taken by the astronauts as NASA knew that astronomers would be able to detect if they were real or not.

Defence: According to Emily Drabek-Maunder, an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London; their camera’s shutter speeds were too fast to capture the faint light from the stars.

Moon Landing Fake

Allegedly…Don’t kill me NASA.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found some of these superstitions and conspiracy theories interesting!

Comment what your opinion of these are, as well as what you think I should talk about next time!

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