Borrowed Poems From An Anonymous- Mother’s Day Special

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing a couple of poems written by an anonymous poet. They’re an incredibly talented writer, but they simply don’t want the emotional burden of having their name attached to their poetry.

Therefore, I’m going to be publishing some of their poems here today.

If you enjoy these poems share this post with your mom to show her you appreciate her!

Each day i pray

To my dearest sweetest darling Mom,

Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done.

Whether it be rainy or a sunny day,

I know your love is here to stay.

And on this very special Mother’s Day,

I have only one more thing to say,

May God bless you always. Each day, I pray…

A Letter To My Mother

Dearest Mummy,

You cuddled me tight when I was small,

You sympathised when I couldn’t grow tall.

You showed me the simpler things in life,

You instilled in me to be a good daughter, a sister, a wife…

Your eyes were tearful; when I had to cry,

You understood always; you never asked why.

You taught me to always be positive,

You said the petty things were always relative…

You were the pillar of my strength; you never broke,

You easily laughed at cruelty; as a humourless joke!

You were the best of my friends; with me all the way,

For all this & so much more…Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for reading! Once again, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

If you enjoyed these poems share this post with your mom to show her that you appreciate her! In fact, why just your mom? Share this post with any mother that you would like to show appreciation for!

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Until Next Time.


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