World Poetry Month- The Third Issue

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“A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him.” — Dylan Thomas

There’s something so powerful about poetry, so unrestricted and boundless. Poetry can evoke emotion like nothing else can.

Today, in honour of April- World Poetry Month, I will be sharing some poetry written by some incredibly talented writers!

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This is the last issue of the World Poetry Month series.

If you enjoy reading their poetry, show the poets some love in the comments!

‘Practicality’ by Sneha Devraj

Practicality always won

With the words of my brain

Convincing the blood reeking instrument

Of the possibility of falling out of love

Replies and reasons

Undulating as seasons

Pitched in night after day

Is it what they actually say?

Or is it the obnoxious appeal

Of the primary cycle

Of love, loved and lost

That leaves you a ghost

Twisting and tossing

Fickle and learning

Is it time, that against me

In a year, two or even three?

But they aren’t real

Tales on transient paper

Yet reason enough 

To resurrect the winnowing tether

“I am enough to be loved”,

The mechanical muscle

But who will you love,

Presenting infinity as puzzle

Maybe it’s the bloody device again

Overwhelmed by the colours of love

Afraid, fragile and vain

As it sheds a river, taken over by pain

Grief engulfs as partition severes

One lover from her mate

Even in a book, painting a rainbow scene

As you turn pages of black and white

The heart forever the bait

‘Sandman’s Pursuit’ by Meenakshi Bhojwani

Close your eyes, let the day be over little one,

Let the sandman work, let him carry you to tomorrow’s sun.

The day has gone by, it’s woes carried off into dust,

So go to sleep little one,

Please dream on, you must.

I promise you when you open your eyes your path will be clear,

I promise you tomorrow will be a brighter day my dear.

So close your eyes little one, I see a rainbow coming to carry you forth,

To show you a beautiful world, to show you your true worth.

‘An Epiphany’ by Susmita Satheesh

Scrolling with my little thumbs,

I found pictures of places.

Places far far away from me, 

Where I longed to go.

I longed to walk along deserted streets,

Past cafes along with the cool breeze.

I longed to see the marvels of humans,

Those that celebrated art and tyranny.

But as I scrolled further, 

I saw the seas that adorned our coasts,

The mountains that highlighted my land,

The warmth of our home.

And I stopped, 

Only to stare at the small screen again,

And wonder.

I wondered why we craved the experience

Of places that were complete strangers,

Why we called them beautiful 

Why we fell in love with them.

Why do we love and appreciate those

That are far far away from us

But fail to love those 

That are the closest to us?

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