World Poetry Month- The Second Issue

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“Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal but which the reader recognises as his own.” – Salvatore Quasimodo

In my opinion, good poetry requires an incredibly admirable amount of precision and particularity that I am personally incapable of. Each line is akin to a small dagger somehow sharp enough to hit its target every single time.

Today, in honour of April- World Poetry Month, I will be sharing some poetry written by some incredibly talented writers!

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‘Alcoholic’s Avarice’ by Meenakshi Bhojwani

It’s later than you think

Open your eyes, put down that drink

Blurry eyes, hazy mind

Look through your life what good did you find?

Whiskey said have a dance

I turned a deaf ear to a budding romance

Gulped down that gin, I felt a tickle within

One less meal a day has made me so thin

Everyday is a break, every day is a party

I forgot to call mom up, a woman full of love so hearty

Beer whispered to me a song of sweet nothing

I lost my voice, I became a melancholy something

I guess it’s true what they say, something is better than nothing

Empty cabinets are still cabinets alas, my excuse for everything

Reality runs past me so fast, the room spins

Is it just one mom I’m seeing, or is she actually twins?

I had a bad day no amount of tequila could kill

So I turned to worse evils searching for a thrill

Mama saw me all the way down in the dumps

So she sat by my bed, fed me and picked up my crumbs

Days pass like a puzzle I don’t know what fits where

I forgot to call her again, it was her birthday, must be her worst nightmare.

She sat by the phone hunched over in her seat

Until one day she couldn’t rise again, she admitted defeat

Ring ring ring, I finally made the call

But this time around there was no answer at all

It’s later thank you think

Open your eyes, put down that drink.

‘Picturesque’ by Sonika Chellani

Things were different for us.

We weren’t like others.

I couldn’t physically touch you,

I couldn’t express my love in ways I knew,

I couldn’t use cheesy movie lines on you,

I just pictured it.

Pictured our love.

One where I could kiss you when I wanted,

Take you out on dates,

Pamper you with all I had,

But not yet.

Not in this society,

Not when people stared daggers in our backs.

I don’t want to apologize for our love.

So for now

We are friends,

The friends that had an unbreakable bond,

The innocent fun.

‘The Night’ by Lady Calypso

I wake up every morning and start counting down the hours until I go sleep again

the darkness swallows me whole

the unseen stars shine brighter than ever

the cars whisper on streets below

filling the silence of the night

your problems slowly wash away

only to swim back the next morning

but for a short while

you’re at peace

the night really suits me

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