World Poetry Month- The First Issue

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“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” — William Wordsworth.

Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression- each line is like a small piece of the poet’s soul; and to share a piece of your soul with the world is so incredibly brave.

Today, in honour of April- World Poetry Month, I will be sharing some poetry written by some incredibly talented writers!

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‘A Story of Red and Blue‘ by Sonika Chellani

This is a story

A Story of Red and Blue

Red was the hot-headed passionate

While Blue was loyal and confident, but scared.

Beautiful by themselves

And a proud purple together

Living individual lives on the side

With no reason to need each other

Complete opposites,

But Red’s passion burnt herself with flames her own colour.

Red crumbled

Her flaws covered her

There was hatred and danger where love existed,

There was bloodshed and war over the strength she once knew

Red just became a pile of dark, lifeless black

While blue carried on detached and cold from it all.

The proud purple they created was nothing more than a bruise of what once was

‘Twenty Two’ by Aishwarya Srivastava

A confession is a substitute for one more crime

It makes promises that aren’t really mine

A memory is a callback to confession:

My older brother ran a fashion blog

My only brother ran a fashion blog

He was sweet and scary, clever as my sixth-grade professor

My sixth grade professor,

charming and calm

Left marks on my wrists darker than my palms

My older brother ran a human rights marathon

Roughly, my brother, like his secret affair

Tore off from the roots a lock of my hair

My older brother ran campaigns for the poor

He decorated my face with kisses and scratches

Put flowers in my hair to cover the empty patches

A false apology is a crime but brings redemption of its own:

the time my brother took me to the beauty salon

Being abused is easier when you claim to be the abuser

A memory is just a call back to confusion

A confession is a substitute for a crime; it isn’t mine

But it’s easier if it were. Well, okay, next time!

‘Within’ by Sneha Devraj

It destroys me from within

The grief and the pain

And how is it that

When you are all and dystopian

From inside that your outside’s intact

When you are deconstructed from within

That you still hold shape

Nothing changes

Two eyes, a nose and body of skin

So tear the skin

Reveal atoms that make you

Having seen the destruction within

And now tell the story outside

We learned in science

When you are empty inside

You get sucked within

So I balance the emptiness

Of within and beyond

With tears and cuts

All just to 

Save myself from losing

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