The Sassy Spoon- Random Restaurant Reviews

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This post is another collaboration with ‘The Oven and Me.’

Backstory- we’re actually best friends (outside of the blogging scene). So one day we were hopping from restaurant to restaurant, as one does, when I had a ‘Eureka’ moment. She’s a culinary student that knows almost everything there is to know about food, and I like to talk and eat a lot.

So every so often, we review a random restaurant, café or bar in or around Pune.

Today, we’re going to be reviewing ‘The Sassy Spoon,’ one of the most popular restaurants in Pune, and my personal go to place for getting wine drunk on red sangria.

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The Sassy Spoon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Sassy Spoon is a resto-bar franchise with branches in Pune and Mumbai. It’s the perfect place to go on a first date.


The Sassy Spoon, like most other high-end restaurants in Pune, is situated in Koregaon Park.

In my opinion, its location ensures a great mix of youthful spirit and vibrancy. However, due to the hustle and bustle that consistently populates Koregaon Park, you can always be sure to find a crowd there.

Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you!


I absolutely love the food here.

If I had to define it, I would call it comfort food with a side of eclecticism. It’s this great mix of food that you actually want to eat- chic, diverse flavours with portions that will actually fill you.

Chicken Wings, The Sassy Spoon Pune

What I find most interesting is the menu’s significant inspiration from multiple different countries around the globe. It simply boasts diversity.

I just went through their menu and counted the different cities and countries that they claim to have drawn inspiration from- Greece, New York, Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Kerala and Goa. Quite impressive!

It’s like you get to travel the world without ever having to leave the dinner table. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

They also have an All Day Breakfast which is always an added plus.

Their ‘Chicken Scallopini with Mushroom Rice’ is my personal favourite!

If you want to know more about their food, flavours and plating, check out The Oven and Me’s review.

Ambience, Sassy Seating and Service

If I had to spend an entire day at one restaurant, it would definitely be The Sassy Spoon.

The Sassy Spoon Pune Pink Brick Wall

The restaurant has an extremely interesting choice of decor- with a faux, hot pink exposed brick popping up across the walls.

It also has a set of stairs leading up to a mini-library, which adds a really nice cozy-vibe to the restaurant. However, I’m not sure if you’re actually allowed to read the books- can I speak to the manager please?

They offer both indoor and outdoor seating. However I would definitely recommend sitting outside- although sitting outside in the currently scorching Pune sounds like suicide, it’s usually pretty pleasant.

The service is so so amazing. Yes- 2 “so”s.

The waiters always remember your face and will even go as far as to remind you what your ordered last time! They’re always super friendly, and as someone who is always indecisive about what to order, I have to say that their recommendations are always on point.

The Sassy Spoon Pune Ambience


Okay so it is just a little bit on the pricier side. I did the math- the appetizers cost around an average of Rs. 430, while the mains are an average of Rs. 600.

Their sangria costs Rs. 425- which is pretty astronomically high for a glass of red wine; but it must be for a reason since it’s the best sangria I’ve ever had in Pune.

Therefore, this restaurant isn’t exactly your everyday hangout place. Maybe just for special occasions?

Yes, if you bring a date they will be impressed.

General Tips

  • Like I said, there’s always a crowd there, so you definitely have to make a reservation before you go. Especially if it’s a weekend!
  • The manager is like the coolest ever- he’ll go from table to table and strike up a conversation with you. It really adds to the entire experience.
  • They also have a sort of attached dessert portion of the restaurant called “The Sassy Teaspoon,” which has amazing desserts that you should definitely try.
  • Once again, it is a little pricey, which can be dangerous, because with the whole vibe of the restaurant and the deliciousness of the sangria, you can rack up a pretty big bill once you’re done.
  • Biggest Tip- Follow my blog for updates every time I post! Comment below if you enjoyed this post, and check out The Oven and Me‘s review!

Thank you for reading!

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