Music Favourites of February-March

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

Music has always been an incredibly dependable support system for me. From pre-exam stress to post-exam ennui, the right music can somehow completely transform my energy levels, emotions and (with exactly the right dosage of 1950s jazz) cure my periods of random, unwarranted neurosis.

In fact, some studies have even shown that listening to music can help increase an adult’s cognitive ability;, namely improving dysregulation, processing speed, semantic and episodic memory.

Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite music of the past 2 months. Now, why you guys should care about what music I’ve been listening to recently? I have no idea- but I’m going to tell you anyways, since I always enjoy reading these types of posts.

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Let’s get started!

‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ by Masked Wolf

Although this song only first started going viral on Instagram (where I first heard it) earlier this year, it was actually released in 2019, and was re-released this year after achieving major chart success in 2021.

The twangy guitar at the beginning feels like you’re being introduced to a mysterious spy film with an odious plotline.

As for the subject matter, the song is obviously about depression. According to Masked Wolf, the oxymoron ‘astronaut in the ocean’ signifies feeling like an astronaut but being unable to reach space. He further elaborated, “I felt I was somewhere I didn’t belong but I knew I was close to finding myself.”

‘Marlboro Nights’ by Lonely God

Okay, go listen to this song and tell me if you agree with me- doesn’t it remind you of the soundtrack to some sort of mid 2000s sitcom?

This song is a moody alternative/indie track that, although only a minute long, manages to create this extremely wholesome image in my mind- sort of like a montage of high school students running around having fun or something. You know?

That is, until you realise that this song is not about wholesome friendship and love in any sense, and is in fact about being addicted to cigarettes.

Eh maybe we can relate to that too.

‘Follow The White Rabbit’ by Madison Beer

The imagery in this song is so unbelievably stunning.

So if any of you have watched or read ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ you’ll know that the white rabbit is the character that leads Alice to the rabbit hole entrance to Wonderland. So in figurative terms, to ‘follow the white rabbit’ could mean to follow a train of thought to an alternate reality of fantasy and adventure.

However, according to Madison Beer, the song was actually inspired by ‘The Matrix’- a 1999 sci-fi movie. The main character is introduced to the world of The Matrix by being told to “follow the white rabbit.” As the main character takes this advice, his sense of reality is altered.

Have any of you guys ever watched ‘The Matrix?’ I’ve heard it’s amazing! Comment below and let me know.

The entire concept of ‘following the white rabbit’ is extremely interesting- stay tuned for a blog post about that!

And my patience is now setting like the sun / When my tears fall on your lap, we’ve just begun / And by now, I know the damage has been done.

‘Selfish Love’ by DJ Snake and Selena Gomez

This song reminds me of 2018 in the best way possible.

The bilingual lyrics blend perfectly with the saxophone beat, which is actually really surprising, since it is said that her vocals were mostly recorded through Zoom. I can’t even hear my professors talk about the statistical representation of continuous qualitative data, but somehow Selena Gomez can record an entire album through Zoom and have it sound perfect.

Yup, that’s fair.

Aside from blaming Selena Gomez for my terrible internet connectivity, the 2 languages blend together so beautifully and somehow still manage to deliver a seductive message about jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship.

Tú quieres darme celos / All this time and we’ve still got that selfish love / Es un juego que queda entre tú y yo.

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