Borrowed Poems From An Anonymous- ‘Savour’ and ‘Classified’

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

So for the past couple of months, a certain person, who has asked to stay anonymous, has asked me to publish some of their poetry here! They’re an incredibly talented writer, but they simply don’t want the emotional strain of having their name attached to it- which is absolutely understandable.

This is a monthly series where I will be posting some of their poetry. This series will continue as long as they keep writing!

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Let’s get started!


The sidewalks lined with cafés,

Your friendship and your ways.

The sweet fragrance of a herb,

Recalling an old proverb.

The richness of the olive oil,

The link to my land and my soil.

Sunshine forever glistening bright,

With golden beauty blinding sight.

Laughter contagious everywhere,

Happiness spilling here and there.

Bodies draped with an even tan,

Just like summer pouring from a can.

Gentle breeze caressing my ear,

Awakening sense wide and clear.

Let us capture the now and here,

Void of pain, void of fear.

Oh, that pungent aroma of rose,

Taking a breathe, my eyes are closed.

Knocking my heart, a feeling was rife,

Ah yes, that beautiful spirit of life!


Wanted: a true friend.

Alone: except my thoughts, my paper, my pen.

Share: a small piece of my solitude.

Rent: a few lines of gratitude.

Bright: are the corners of my heart.

Room: for compromise, understanding apart.

Friendship: is all I pretend.

Urgent: in need of a friend?

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