The Modern Day Julie/Julia Project- The Microwave Diaries

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

On July 9, 2020; I started a series here called “The Modern Day Julie/Julia Project;” where I said that I would be documenting my experience of learning how to cook. As a broke college student, knowing how to cook at least a few basic things is vital if you don’t have a billion dollar trust fund to eat takeout every night.

The first part of this series was my experience making a Dalgona Coffee (don’t judge me-this was right in the middle of it’s viral 15 minutes of fame). Then, a couple of weeks later, I learnt how to make French Toast!

I thought that if I wrote about every new thing that I learnt how to make, that it would help keep me accountable. However, we’re in January now. The last part of this series was in July. In 6 months, I’ve learned how to make 2 things; and one of them was just coffee!

Of course my so-called ‘college life’ is absolutely nothing like what I thought it would be. My day pretty much consists of hundreds of online classes, meetings, and other general desk dilemmas. In the midst of all this, since I live at home, I have my mom bringing me food and snacks periodically. While this has been great for the most part, it’s ensured that I never have to actually go to the kitchen and make anything myself.

However, recently I’ve had hope! Hope in the broadest sense of the term. Maybe since we’re out of the disgustingly depressing year 2020? So I’m hoping that I will eventually have the typical ‘college life’ that one always dream about. However, in my ideal college life, I’m not starving to death; so I’m reviving this series!

Okay that introduction was super long-winded I’m sorry! I’ll stop talking now!

Today I’m going to be trying and reviewing a few microwave recipes, because let’s be honest- which college student actually has a stove?

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can find the original recipe here.

So the recipe calls for your basics: butter, white and brown sugar, vanilla, flour, salt, chocolate chips- you know it!

Now this wouldn’t be a blog post of mine if I didn’t mess at least a few things up. I genuinely have no idea what ‘all purpose flour’ is, so I just used regular flour and hoped it would serve well for this particular purpose.

Other than that, this recipe was actually extremely easy to follow; and I’m saying that- the one that can barely reheat pizza.

The only genuinely difficult part of this recipe was separating the egg yolk from the egg white. While I can proudly and wholeheartedly say that I tried my best, I have to say in the name of full disclosure that my mom helped me with that bit!

The recipe also says to let it cook in the microwave for approximately 60 seconds, but I found that if you only microwave it for around 45 seconds, it develops that whole melty, Subway cookie texture that we all long for.

However, if you get salmonella from an undercooked egg yolk, please don’t sue me!

Final Thoughts- It was so much better than I could’ve ever imagined. It legitimately only took 5 minutes, and it tasted nearly identical to freshly baked cookies.

Verdict– I’m never paying for Subway chocolate chip cookies ever again. Although the microwave version looks kind of disgusting, it tasted amazing.

With enough butter, anything is good!

Julia Child

Microwave Pizza

I’m not going to give you guys the recipe for this one, since my review isn’t positive!

I don’t even want to say anything about how it tasted. Just look at the picture, and know that it tasted just as disgusting as it looks.

Final Thoughts- This recipe didn’t involve yeast or anything, so of course the “dough” tasted terrible. However, the baking powder that the recipe demanded didn’t blend well into the taste. It literally just tasted like acid.

Verdict- Just order the damn pizza from Domino’s…

No matter what happens in the kitchen, you should never apologize.

Julia Child

Microwave Mac N Cheese

You can find the original recipe here.

This recipe was actually the easiest of the the three I’ve told you about today! This recipe promises great macaroni and cheese with just macaroni (obviously), water, milk, cheese, and 10 minutes.

I’m going to be honest with you. This Mac N Cheese isn’t the best I’ve ever had in my entire life. However, it was still pretty damn good! Since it is literally Mac N Cheese, the major ingredients are obviously well…mac and cheese! However, I would recommend adding quite a bit of seasoning to improve the flavour.

I also made a few minor modifications to the original recipe. First of all, I kept the macaroni in the microwave for 2 minutes longer than the recipe said to, simply because raw pasta just doesn’t taste good! I also added 2 tablespoons of milk instead of 3 as the recipe specifies.

It was around 8 seconds into the 3 minute microwave time that I realised that the recipe said to put a plate under the mug because the water rises. So I quickly yanked open the microwave door to take care of that.

Final Thoughts– I loved it. I was legitimately scraping the mug when I was finished. It was actually so much better than I thought it would be.

Verdict– Try it; but with a few modifications.

Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.

Julia Child

Thank you for reading! Hopefully these recipes will help you; at least the good ones that is. I tried the bad ones so you don’t have to.

Try them out, and let me know what worked for you! You can check out my last few posts here:

Comment what you would like me to try to cook next!

Until Next Time.


10 thoughts on “The Modern Day Julie/Julia Project- The Microwave Diaries

    1. The cookie somehow tasted even better than it looked! Yes, I suppose microwave recipes are so fun because of the fear factor involved- you never know if your going to end up with a restaurant level snack, or just wasted ingredients. I’ll check out her blog asap- thank you for the recommendation!


  1. The microwave pizza really does look horrible. Don’t know why anyone would think having pizza in a mug is a good idea!
    Maybe you could trying making an omelette next or try out different ways of cooking eggs – fried, scrambled, boiled

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First off, I just watched Julie and Julia last week; it’s one of my favorite movies 🙂 I also have Julia’s book, though I haven’t cooked a whole lot from it yet!
    That being said, microwaving things is definitely a college friendly idea. But if you do have access to a stove I would get familiar with it- microwaves are super handy but they tend to rubbarize things! A lot of times I even re-heat leftovers in the oven (depending on what it is).
    I would Love for you to follow my Green Gemini blog- it may be helpful! I occasionally share cooking tips for beginners, and lots of recipes! I will say that Green Gemini is also for painting, crafting and humor, lol- it’s for all of my hobbies but writing, as that is what I’m striving for success with so it gets its own blog.
    There are lots of simple beginner recipes out there if you know where to look. Do you have Pinterest?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From what I could tell, every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook seems absolutely terrifying and difficult. I’m sure Julia Child would be rolling over in her grave to know that she inspired me to throw a bunch of ingredients into a mug and throw them into a microwave haha! I’m definitely going to get back to the stove for the next instalment of this series though. Yes, I do have Pinterest- I always look at pictures of delicious recipes, but somehow I never end up making them. I’ll have to change that! I’ll definitely check out your blog, thank you for sharing.


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