borrowed poems from an anonymous- part 3

Welcome back to “The Confessions of a Random Blogger!”

For the past few months, a certain person; who wishes to stay anonymous; has asked me to publish some of their poetry on this blog! They are an incredible writer, but they simply don’t want the emotional strain that comes with having their name attached to it- which is obviously perfectly understandable.

This is a monthly series in which I post a few of the poems that they’ve decided to share with us! It will continue as long as they continue writing!

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Let’s get started! The two poems I’ve posted today are all related to Spain in some way, shape or form- so let’s just call today’s post “El Blog de España”

“The Visit”

Somebody’s coming to visit you in Spain,

To smell the richness of my land.

To get wet in a pouring of rain,

Somebody’s coming to hold your hand.

They will sit at my favourite café,

Tell you all the stories about me.

They will watch our summer at play,

Home is where I’d wished to be…

Send me in return, a splash of my sun.

A fresh breath of my breeze,

All of your love by the tonne,

And the warmth of your hugs please.

For you know- here it doesn’t rain,

The much awaited breeze never came,

And believe me the sun is a pain!

None of the best moments are the same…

And though the ocean between us will grow,

I so wish I could be there with you,

One of these days you never know…

One day soon; when the time is due.

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly Near my Heart!

I miss the air in Spain,

The soft sand; a shower of rain.

I miss the warmth of a friendly smile,

The monuments & culture, the mosaic tile.

I miss the golden beauty of the sun,

The playas, the summer, & all the fun.

I miss the aroma of food in the air,

Not to mention their flavours wouldn’t be fair.

I miss the richness of a burgundy vine,

These memories of Spain will always be mine.

I miss my life as it used to be,

Freedom. I’ve left behind a part of me.

I miss all the things I used to do,

But above all, I simply miss being there with you.

Thank you for reading! Comment below if you liked these poems, and let me know if you would like to see more!

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Until Next Time.


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