borrowed poems from an anonymous- part 2

Welcome Back!

So last month, a certain person; who wishes to stay anonymous; asked me to publish their poems here! They’ve been writing poems for practically their whole life, but they’ve never actually shown them to anybody!

You can check out the first part of this series here.

Since then, they’ve written a few more poems that they want to share with you all! They’ve asked to stay anonymous because they want people to read their work, without the added emotional baggage of having their name attached to it- which is totally understandable.

Today, I’m going to be sharing 3 of their poems (and if they let me) I’ll be making this a monthly series!

Let’s get started!

‘The Intricate Web’

“Come into my parlour” said the spider to the fly,

The tiny insect obeyed with a painful sigh.

Instantly besotted by the beauty of the spider,

The fly ignored the web, which was spreading wider.

Such a cunning way to get caught,

Though the poor fly could not have even fought.

Against the weapons of a spider ready for the kill,

Oozing with charm, threatening to spill.

The poison of love, a trap of death,

Gradually a faint hiss, the slow release of a breath.

The shrewdness of the spider, had had its prey,

You could actually hear her chewing away.

A burp, a slurp, and then a munch,

One man’s poison is another’s lunch!

“Changing Colours”

You’re too sweet for your own boots.

How early you forgot your roots!

Ought to have seen you for what you are,

Though soon you’ll get caught in a trap of your own.

Shrewdness won’t see you too far,

Too late for regrets, too late to moan.

I can’t expect miracles from you.

You keep changing colours so fast,

Simply breaching the capacity to be true.

With you, sincerity is a thing of the past,

So this is how you play your game.

All is fair in the name of fame?

Time shall one day deal you the same,

But by then, you’ll stand alone in the dredge of shame.

“Forever After”

My sorrow in your pain,

My smiles in your laughter.

Your happiness in my aim,

And our friendship forever after.

Thank you for reading! If you liked this post please comment below and let me know!

These poems were originally posted on The Confessions of a Random Blogger.

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