Fame- is it worth it?

Glitz and Glamour. Drugs and Alcohol. Diamonds and Sex. Money and Misery.

Is the psychological trauma worth a few cheap paparazzi shots?

At the tender age of 12 years old; childhood starlet Drew Barrymore was already a deflated, alcohol-infused shadow of her innocent on-screen characters. By 13, she had slit her wrists open.

Drew Barrymore_Marlboro Cigarettes
Drew Barrymore clutching a pack of cigarettes, aged 10.

At such a young, impressionable age, which child wouldn’t be handcuffed by the double edged sword that is fame? All we seem to see is the luxury and wealth that comes with it. Yet somehow, we never see the manic, emotional turmoil.

Of course there are certain bright sides to being rich and famous. Opportunity, Philanthropy, Exclusivity; the list goes on and on. Who wouldn’t want the life of an influential personality? Who wouldn’t want to be a role model for millions? Who wouldn’t want the entire world breathing down your neck, waiting for you to make your next mistake?

Have you ever met your favourite celebrity? Of course we’ve all heard those clichéd horror stories of celebrities being rude and entitled. However, they are almost always “cheery,” and they always seem “humble.” Ah yes, the product of a carefully manufactured image. Did you make the mistake of thinking their “personality,” was genuine?

What we actually end up seeing is what a board of directors sitting in a conference room decided that you would probably like. A carefully manipulated photograph of what they want you to see. An image that our so-called “role models” themselves struggle to keep up with.

An image that they almost never do.

Princess Diana Spencer_ Princess of Wales_Car Accident_Paparazzi
Princess Diana’s 16 year battle with the media tragically ended when her car collided with a wall while trying to escape a high-speed chase with the paparazzi.

Not only do the famous bear the brunt of their success; but their loved ones are tortured as well. From aggressive photographers, to stalkers, to invasive interviews. Although celebrities, to some extent, do choose the life they lead; do you really think it’s fair that their family and friends are also harassed ruthlessly and simply labelled collateral damage? It’s a crime.

You can get on a motorcycle, take hundreds of pictures, block a celebrity’s car for hours, and effectively trap them in a sea of camera flashes if you wanted to. The worst part?- it’s all perfectly legal.

A paparazzo could camp outside your house, waiting for you to enter ‘public property’ and then photograph you for hours and hours on end as you simply try to live life.

It’s even been alleged that when Princess Diana’s car crash occurred; instead of trying to help or call for help, paparazzi instead…continued taking pictures.

Everybody seems to think that although the famous are hounded on a daily basis, at least they are guaranteed financial security for life. Right? However, how many countless magazine covers have you seen with a headline announcing a celebrity filing for bankruptcy? Eventually the spotlight fades, the paparazzi trickle away, the film roles dry up, and the bank account dwindles.

Fame is temporary, but hunger lasts a lifetime.

Tabloid Magazine Collage

Can you imagine living a life where your main source of income is directly proportional to people being interested in you? Can you imagine going to sleep at night praying that people still care about you enough so that you can afford your next meal?

Celebrities can never truly know who their true friends are. Every time they meet someone, they wonder if they genuinely care about them, or if they are just being used. How would you like to live a life of constant insecurity? An everlasting life of loneliness?

Britney Spears_2007_Shaved Head_Paparazzi
Britney Spears’ emotional and mental troubles were heavily publicised and profited off of in 2007.

So you tell me. Is having your name on a billboard worth a lifetime of harassment? Is a million dollar watch worth signing away the right to privacy and empathy?

Is gaining luxury worth losing yourself?

Thank you for reading! This post has actually taken me forever to post- it’s been sitting in my drafts for over 3 months!

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6 thoughts on “Fame- is it worth it?

  1. Hello! I’m Markie, and I enjoyed your post. I am a practical thinker myself, and sometimes feel like I’m the only one who thinks the way you wrote here! I’ve told my husband more than once that this is why writing is perfect for me; you can be extremely successful without getting famous! (Here’s hoping on that extremely successful bit.)
    And it made me a little sick to read the part about the paparazzi at Diana’s crash. I mean, what’s more important- your job or your humanity? Where have people’s scruples gone?
    It also bothers me that people are sheep. I am constantly teaching and telling my stepdaughter to have her own opinions, don’t be a follower, don’t just take things at face value, etc!
    You sold me with this post- I’m going to follow!
    Come visit my blog(s), I have one geared toward writing and another toward cooking and crafting.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Markie! Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree with you- writing is so amazing because success can come without the misery and torment of fame.
      Ah success, what more can us bloggers hope for! I just checked out your blogs, I’m sure you’ll get there! I love your content, I’ll definitely be following back.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, agree on the views expressed. The most tragic case was Princess Diana’s. But her accident to escape the paparazzi is partial reason. A lot others were also involved as later investigations were found. Anyways, such kind of fame is definitely not worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There comes a level of fame where the many many cons outweigh the few pros. You’re right about Princess Diana, there were a lot of other reasons attributed to her accident apart from the paparazzi; but I don’t know; somewhere in my mind I keep thinking that had the paparazzi not been there things would’ve turned out differently.


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