borrowed poems from an anonymous

Today’s blog is not about me.

A certain person; who wishes to stay anonymous; wanted me to publish their poems here! They’ve been writing poems for practically their whole life, but they’ve never actually shown them to anybody!

However, when I saw how amazing their poems were, I knew that I just had to share them with the world. This person just wants someone to read their poems, without the emotional baggage of having their name attached to it.

Today I’ll be sharing three of their poems, and (if they let me) I might continue to publish them!

Let’s get started!

They’ve also asked me to ask you guys what the title of this poem should be- so comment recommendations below!

There’s no greater death,
Than to live a life without purpose.
To shed a tear,
That has been cried in vain.
My brightest thoughts,
Come to me in the early hours.
Yet another day wasted in that quagmire of pain.
But time does not stop its ticking,
The passage of which does not look back,
On putrid thoughts open for the picking,
On that thread slipped away from its clasp.

‘The Nightmare’

Fishing in the depths of emotion,
Using hope as my only bait,
Events slower in their motion,
With no choice but to wait…
As darkness embraced me within its palm,
My muscles taut and very still,
Talking my thoughts into a calm,
Yet fear swiftly rose to a spill.
With quietness threatening at the brim,
Perhaps intuition was to be my guide?
Settling silence frostily on the rim,
As terror sat down by my side…

Suddenly the shock of a light!
At last my eyes open wide,
Grogily brushing off the remains of a fright,
Awakening, where were my fears off to hide…?

‘A Smile To Your Face’

You know I’m not good at writing a letter,
But how about a poem- that’s so much better.
A few verses to convey my thoughts to you,
One wonders what a few words of rhyme can do?
But if these bring a smile to your face,
That’s enough reward for any poem, any verse, any phrase.

Thank you for reading! If you liked this post please comment below and let me know!

These poems were originally posted on The Confessions of a Random Blogger.

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