music favourites of october-november

I’m back with my favourite music of the past 2 months! Now, once again, I have no idea why you would or should care about what I’ve been listening to recently, but I’m going to tell you anyways!

Keeping with our regular schedule, my next post will be my favourite TV shows and movies of the past few months.

October and November were really great months for music. It seems that the pandemic has fostered some amazing music as the product of quarantine boredom. I’ve also found myself depending on old music found through movie soundtracks and Spotify recommendations.

Spotify recommended playlists are absolutely amazing. It almost makes up for that one advertisement where they talk about how annoying interruptions are…while interrupting me. Do they make those ads annoying on purpose?

I’m still not going to pay for Spotify Premium! (rolls eyes rebelliously).

‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’ by The Wombats

I know- there are so many different animals/creatures in that title. For some clarity, ‘The Wombats’ is the name of the band.

This song is not new by any means. It was actually released almost 10 years ago! By that, I mean 2011. I hate that we live in a time where 2011 is almost 10 years ago. Am I getting old?

Back to the song. If I’m using my Gen-Z vernacular correctly, this song has ‘main character’ vibes. It’s your classic indie-rock track. While the song describes wanting to go back to a bar in Tokyo, listening to this song simply makes me want to go on a late night drive with the windows down.

The bar in Tokyo doesn’t sound bad either though…

‘What Are We Waiting For’ by Afrojack and Ally Brooke

This song is what post-2016 EDM wishes it was. It has those electronic elements that don’t in fact give you a headache, but actually manage to make the song that much better.

Like I always say, music doesn’t always have to have the deepest lyrical meaning- fun, purposeless music is okay sometimes!

Honestly; especially in times like this, we could all use a dose of fun, meaningless music that makes us feel happier.

So go listen to it- what are you waiting for?

‘Prisoner’ by Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa

Continuing through her transformation from a manufactured pop-star to a rock songstress, ‘Prisoner’ is Miley Cyrus’s latest attempt to explore this new genre.

You might be asking yourself- what the hell is Dua Lipa doing on a rock track? I believe that Dua Lipa’s involvement in this track is nothing short of genius marketing. While Miley Cyrus might want to leave her pop roots behind, she definitely realises that the rock genre has a much smaller audience. Therefore, adding Dua Lipa to this track not only helps broaden the song’s audience, but also helps make it digestible for pop listeners.

‘Prisoner’ also samples Olivia Newton John’s, ‘Physical’; which helps add a touch of nostalgia and familiarity to the song.

This song, although not necessarily lyrically groundbreaking, almost perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being under lockdown. The feeling of being a prisoner over the past few months is definitely relevant and relatable.

’25’ by The Pretty Reckless

After years and years of releasing consistently hard-hitting music, how is this band still so criminally underrated?

’25’ is a hard-rock, slow-burn song that Taylor Momsen (the front-runner) calls ‘an autobiography.’

It’s so absolutely haunting and unforgettable. The lyrics are so meaningful, that I’ve tried to write a description of it for a few days now, and I still can’t manage to piece it together completely. So I’ve given up and I’m just going to tell you to go listen to it on your own.

‘SANA SANA’ by Nathy Peluso

A few years ago, a musician’s music being turned into a viral meme would have probably completely destroyed their career. However, in 2020, even being turned into a meme is a great way to market your music.

This song would have probably flown completely under my radar, had I not seen it being referenced on Instagram! It’s different, not just sonically, but even in the lyrical and vocal delivery.

While it might sound funny to some people, this song is probably one of the only truly fresh and inventive songs I’ve heard in the past few months. Sure, some might find her live performances and dancing weird and eccentric; but you can’t say you’ve seen or heard anything like it before. That is innovation.

What are some of your favourite songs/albums of the past few months? Comment them below- I love new music recommendations!

Thank you for reading! Check out my last few posts here!

Until Next Time.


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