scary movies to watch this halloween

When I was younger, every Halloween would mean a night at home with my sister, watching ‘scary’ movies.

The word scary is in quotes, because now that I look back and re-watch those movies, I find myself more scared at the fact that I was actually spooked at those cringey Disney-Original movies.

Anyone else feel the same way? Sure, those movies are made for a child’s brain to comprehend, but when I say I was scared, I mean I wouldn’t be able to finish watching them and would end up hiding with a blanket over my head!

I ended up watching a few of those movies last week, and I actually found it hard not to start laughing. From the bad jokes, to the spooky one-liners in between family-friendly dialogue; it has provided me with an entirely new layer of entertainment.

Anyways, today I’m going to be telling you about the best ‘scary’ movies to watch this year; because who are we kidding? Coronavirus has made the idea of a Halloween party this year impossible.

If you guys get scared while watching these, remember- our current reality is so much scarier than the plot of these movies.

Halloween (1978)

One thing you guys need to know about me is that although I claim to love horror movies, I haven’t actually seen some of the most popular ones. By “popular” I mean those stereotypically terrifying movies that are infamously supposed to scare the shit out of you.

A little bit of backstory for you guys here. I was planning a blog post where I would be watching the scariest horror films of all time, but I couldn’t actually find the time to watch them, and so I only ended up watching this one.

I was sceptical at first, but I actually really enjoyed this one! Sure, the acting is pretty bad, but come on- it was 1978.

Halloween- Jamie Lee Curtis, Film Poster

I was actually going to talk about the fact that it makes heavy use of horror movie clichés, except this movie is probably where those clichés originate from!

However, I was most impressed by the music score. I’d never even heard of this film before writing this post, yet I instantly recognised the theme. The music plays with the viewer’s emotions, giving you an insane adrenaline rush before anything scary has even happened yet.

If you’re able to not only create an iconic horror movie, but also an instantly recognisable music score under an extremely low budget; you’ve definitely done something right.

But be careful- this movie can make even the simplest of tasks such as walking down the street seem terrifying.

The Halloweentown series (1998-2006)

This movie series was my entire childhood.

It’s your standard, cute Disney movie. However, the only thing that makes it different is that it’s actually still good! Like I said before, although it might not necessarily be scary anymore, it has stood the test of time in terms of being quality entertainment.

Halloweentown Series

These 4 movies are a great divider in between watching the regular horror movies.

You can watch these to help get yourself into the Halloween spirit, without having to avoid imaginary ghosts and serial killers when you wake up for a glass of water.

We get to fall back in love with the whimsical idea of magic and monsters that we had as kids.

Ready or Not (2019)

Even if you haven’t actually seen this movie, you’ve probably come across the trailer that went viral on social media last year.

On her wedding night, Grace finds herself having to play a twisted game of hide and seek with her new husband’s family. If she lives- she can stay a part of the family. If she dies…well then she dies.

Ready Or Not- Samara Weaving, Film Poster

This movie is probably one of the best combinations of horror and comedy that I’ve ever seen.

It’s witty when you need a break from the blood; and just when you get tired of laughing, a gun goes off.

The Chucky/Child’s Play Series (1988-ongoing)

These movies will always be classics. They hold a special place in my heart, because if my memory serves me correctly, this was one of the first horror films I ever watched!

They’re actually way before my time, but when I was around 8 years old, my dad introduced me to the first film (he watched it in theatres). I was hooked.

Chucky Series- Every Instalment

Ever since then, it’s become somewhat of a tradition that my dad and I will sit down and binge-watch these movies every few years.

Once again, you get an entire spectrum of genres here. Especially since the series spans over many years.

The series starts off in the 80s, where we get to see your classic, shit-your-pants horror. As we move into the 90s and 2000s, we see a shift from the stereotypical horror into the slasher film genre that dominated that era. As for the later films, we’ve seen more comedy, diversity and technology incorporated into the plot.

Chucky is a killer doll antagonist, so according to the horror movie cliché it means that he’ll never die. Meaning- we get an endless number of sequels. Whether that’s a good thing or not- you decide. I’m just saying that it would be really disappointing if Chucky movies were still being made when I’m 80.

Thank you for reading! This is my last post with October’s scary Halloween theme, so my next post should be back to my regular theme of random content.

Until Next Time.


3 thoughts on “scary movies to watch this halloween

  1. I was looking for recommendations for movies to watch this Halloween – this is a great list. I’ve only watched Child’s Play – and that doll freaked the daylights out of me! Can’t wait to watch the rest!

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