“Watched”- August-September

Although normal life is sort of picking up again, and I’ve just started college online; I still find myself with more time than I know what to do with.

Therefore, just like during the rest of 2020, I’ve watched a copious amount of TV shows and movies during the past two months.

Now, as I said in my last post, I have no idea why you would care about which movies I watched and why I liked them. However, I absolutely love reading these types of posts, and I love writing them even more. So whether you care or not, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Let’s get started!

1. The Platform (Available on Netflix)

Now, I’m usually very skeptical of Netflix Originals, because they’re usually on either side of the “hit or miss” extreme. Now, before you go ahead and defend Netflix; remember, they made “The Kissing Booth.” Enough Said.

So after a friend recommended this movie, I proceeded with caution. But once I heard that it was a Spanish production, I started getting more and more excited.

I’ll take absolutely any opportunity to bust out my rusty, broken Spanish speaking skills. I still used the subtitles, but I gave myself an undeserved pat on the back each time I was able to understand a sentence without looking down.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was a perfect personification of the class system and our society- how quickly one’s status can change; how suddenly we change our morals and values when we are in positions of power. How we shit on (quite literally in this movie) those that we perceive to be below us.

By the way, I think that’s the first time I’ve cursed here! Milestone!

It’s one of those few horror movies which truly represents real life. That’s why it’s so scary- because every single thing that is shown in this movie is devastatingly true.

2. The Others (Available at your nearest illegal movie site)

Another horror movie, and not the last horror movie on this list. My mom actually recommended this movie after I mentioned that all the movies I was watching felt generic and boring.

The backstory behind this movie is actually very interesting. It was completely directed by a Spanish director, and won several of Spain’s most prestigious film awards; despite not having one word of Spanish in the entire movie.

Now, I have to be extremely careful about how I describe this movie, because it’s extremely easy to spoil. All I’ll say is that while you obviously begin watching this film knowing that it’s a horror movie, you don’t know why exactly it’s supposed to be scary until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Every detail preceding that doesn’t seem to truly connect to the horror genre until the huge twist at the end of the movie.

A must watch.

3. Modern Family (Available on Hotstar)

Of course I would wait 11 years before actually giving this show a chance.

I’m one of those people that just won’t watch the extremely popular shows that everyone else loves. From Game of Thrones, to Grey’s Anatomy, and until recently Modern Family; I refused to watch them because I thought they wouldn’t live up to the hype.

However a few weeks ago, a few of my friends and I were…incapacitated to say the very least, and we decided that we wanted to watch something- anything. We ended up watching an episode of Modern Family and I’ve been hooked ever since.

It was actually so much better than I expected- it really makes me wonder how many good shows I’ve missed simply because I’ve been too stubborn to watch the same shows as everyone else.

It’s one of those wholesome, feel-good shows that makes you feel incredibly happy, without making you feel like you’re watching a clichéd, lovey-dovey, cringe-fest.

I’m less than halfway through the series, and I’m already kind of sad that I’m getting closer to the end.

4. The Lovely Bones (Don’t Find it)

I absolutely hated this movie. It seemed to be going in an amazing direction plot-wise, and then it seemed like it reached its final point of development around the half point of the film.

After the half-point, all we end up seeing is an hour long montage of crying and running through “heaven.”

It’s not completely terrible though. It has its moments. However, for having such a great story and cast it seems like such a waste.

I said that there was another horror movie on this list- here it is! I don’t know what genre this movie is actually, but I would categorize it as a horror movie; because it’s scary that I lost so many minutes of my life watching it.

5. Little Fires Everywhere (Available on Hotstar)

This show could not have been released at a better time. It’s set in the 1990s and is highly indicative of the racism that prevailed during that time period.

It tackles a multitude of social issues from abortion, abuse, kidnapping, prejudice, teenage pregnancy and so much more.

What I loved so much about this show is that I felt like I was learning so much more about different issues and outlooks, without feeling like I was being given a pretentious social justice warrior’s lecture.

It also tackles the more modern definition of racially fuelled microaggressions; which is truly telling of the fact that racism hasn’t gotten worse- it was just swept under the rug more efficiently.

The plot and timeline is also incredibly well written and carried out- but I can’t tell you anything else about it. No spoilers!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my next post- I’ve worked really hard on it, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you!

Until Next Time.


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