Music Favorites of August and September

So, I never thought that I would be one of those bloggers that made posts with my favorite things of that particular month. By things I mean movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, anything!

I just always thought it wasn’t my style of blogging; but as I continue to read other blogs (hey there, fellow wordpress community!), I find myself enjoying these types of posts more and more, even if I know absolutely nothing about the blogger.

So today I’m going to be that random stranger sharing my favorite music of the past 2 months! My name is “The Confessions of A Random Blogger,” after all…

My next post is also going to be my favorite TV shows and movies of the past few months, because it’s so fun writing these. Let me know if you enjoy this post!

1. “Club Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa

Okay, so before you attack me, I’m sure I can’t be the only one that actually likes this album!

It seems that after producing one of the biggest, most innovative albums of 2020, Dua Lipa’s label is determined to squeeze as much possible revenue out of the title “Future Nostalgia.” From the countless animated music videos, to remixes featuring nostalgic artists, to an entire club remix album.

Future Nostalgia was one of my favorite albums of this year, so when I heard that she was planning on releasing an entire album of just reissued remixes, I was extremely skeptical. I was terrified even further when I saw all those memes making fun of it. But I actually loved this album!

It is exactly what is says it is- club dance tracks- it does what it says it will, and it does it well.

2. “No Pressure” by Logic

Now, I’m one of those people that claims to love all kinds of music, but if I had to choose the genre I listen to the least, I’d have to say rap. It’s sort of seasonal.

I go through these random phases where I will only listen to rap for like a month, and then I won’t listen to it at all for the next three months. So, although this album is already a few months old, and most of you have probably already heard it; I don’t care, it’s my list- I loved the entire album.

3. “Baby,” by Madison Beer

The drama that nobody asked for. The song itself is amazing in my opinion; but its release was polluted with comparisons to Ariana Grande’s music and style.

Now, I could sit and discuss why she could or couldn’t be copying her, but I honestly don’t care- It’s a good song. Not everyone with a ponytail is copying you’re favorite artist.

4. “My Woman” by Al Bowlly

Now, since we just talked about “Future Nostalgia,” this song has a special connection to that project.

It’s actually pretty hilarious that I’m including this in a “September-August 2020,” favorites post; since this song was actually released in 1932!

One of my favorite songs on “Future Nostalgia,” is “Love Again,” which features an infectious trumpet riff throughout the song. For some reason it sounded incredibly familiar to me- it turns out that it samples ‘My Woman.”

Now, jazz is one of my favorite genres of music, but when I checked out this song I wasn’t expecting much. However, it turns out that the entire first half of the song consists of the amazing riff I love so much about “Love Again.” The lyrics are also incredibly catchy and innovative for its time. I absolutely love when this generation’s artists sample music that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.

5. “Naked” by Ava Max

Moving from classic 1930s jazz to modern, manufactured pop. Now, most might look at the word “manufactured,” as an insult; but I promise it’s really not!

In my opinion, not every single song has to have some incredibly deep meaning that takes several listens to understand. The production also doesn’t always have to be the newest, innovative style ever. Playing it safe is okay sometimes!

I have to say that the vocal runs at the bridge of the song do sound a bit strange and misplaced though.

This song is still the perfect summer afternoon drive song. I say that after having spent most of my summer at home during lockdown. I guess I could watch a YouTube video of someone else driving their car?

6. “Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus

It seems that nostalgia is a common theme with musical releases of 2020.

This time, Miley Cyrus has chosen to emulate the 1980s; specifically inspired by Stevie Nicks’, “Edge Of Seventeen.” This song is also a huge departure from her usual pop sound; leaning more towards rock and disco. I have this theory that today’s artists are choosing to emulate iconic eras of music so that in the future, their music is held to the same iconic status as its inspiration. Only time will tell…

Regardless of my theories, I absolutely love this song, and I think the music departure will truly help her growth as an artist. It’s fun to see the evolution.

7. “Walk In The Park” by OH NO OH MY

Keeping with our theme, this song is at least 10 years old. If I had to describe this song; I would call it disastrously-underrated indie-rock. I don’t have much else to say about this song, except that in my opinion, this is what happiness sounds like.

Thank you for reading! I’m still having an inner debate over whether or not any of you would actually care to read about my favorite music of the past 2 months, but once again, it’s my blog! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until Next Time.


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