Learning How To Play The Guitar

At the beginning of August I impulsively decided to buy a guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn but I’ve never actually gotten around to it- until now.

It’s actually my second time trying to learn how to play.

The first time was when I was around 6 years old. My parents decided that they wanted me to have talent, so they also impulsively bought me a guitar.

However, they didn’t actually enroll me in lessons or get me a tutor. They just bought me the guitar.

At that age I had no concept of what chords or notes were. So I would just keep strumming the strings over and over again; and then I would get extremely frustrated and upset because it didn’t sound good. I don’t even think the guitar was tuned- I didn’t know what that was!

Eventually I ended up taking a pair of scissors to the strings…

It was the guitar’s fault okay!

Although I am also taking the self-taught route this time, I’m hoping to get a little further than just chopping the strings off.

So far I know a few single string guitar tabs, and a handful of chords. As “Happy Birthday” is in fact a single string guitar song, naturally I’m available for hire at your kid’s next birthday party.

I’ll update you guys if there’s a breakthrough! Wish me luck! Any advice for a beginner?

Until Next Time.


3 thoughts on “Learning How To Play The Guitar

  1. My mum’s old guitar has been lying in my room. I learnt to play on it when I was younger. I started learning to play it again (thank you YouTube)! And yeah, happy birthday is what I’ve got right now too. Good luck! Can’t wait to share notes on how our guitar playing is going. ☺️

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