An Open Letter to My Fellow Android Users

Now, before I begin, I will be using the word “allegedly” multiple times throughout this post in order to make sure I don’t get sued- just in case one of my 3 followers here coincidentally works for Apple!

As an Android user, I know from personal experience that we have been attacked for almost a decade by Apple users that just can’t see past their AirPods and thousands of metres of allegedly broken chargers. 

Charger related

As Apple users run frantically around the city trying to find a charger at a café, because every single Apple device needs another different, weirdly shaped charger, take comfort in knowing that even though our phones may not cost a thousand dollars and require us to mortgage our houses; at least we can charge them.

Apple product category

What I will admit is that iPhones have one of the best cameras available on the market- 75% of the pictures on my Instagram feed were taken on a friend’s iPhone.

For some clarification, my Instagram feed has 3 pictures on it, so you decide if that’s impressive or not.

Good camera quality or not, that doesn’t mean you get to make fun of us!

If an Apple user shames you for your gritty, pixelated pictures, take comfort in the fact that at least we can listen to music without purchasing a pair of $150 AirPods; which you will probably lose within a week…allegedly. 

No but seriously, we have all heard those conspiracies that Apple allegedly slows down older phones to force customers to buy newer models. All allegedly of course. I was even given an English assignment where I was told to write a minimum of 600 words about it- let’s just say I had to ask for extra paper!

Rest assured that if you choose to invest even just a hundred dollars into a less extravagant Android device, that your device wont intentionally be slowed down in order to allegedly force you into buying the newest iPhone, which is almost exactly like the last model, but with just another feature taken away.

But let’s get serious here, judging somebody else for the logo jutting out of their phone case is so absolutely ridiculous, childish and honestly such a waste of time.

(Insert more inspirational, motivational garbage here)

Also, I just have one question, if I have a Mac- does writing this entire blog post make me a hypocrite? (Also Apple, can you please get us an HDMI plugin…)

Just in case I missed a few- Allegedly! Allegedly! Allegedly!

If you’ve managed to read all the way down to here- I commend you. This post is the manic product of a 15 minute caffeine binge at 2 am. 

I also have a surprise for you guys! Stay tuned until next week to find out what it is! Check my Instagram account (@theconfessionsofarandomblogger) for continuous updates! Thank you for reading.

Until Next Time.


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