Introduction Time!

There are a lot of great people that don’t need an introduction. I am not one of them.

Hey! My name is Krish and I’m a 17 year old soon-to-be university student. Throughout my life, I’ve been gifted the opportunity to live all over the world. The reason I call it a gift is because I feel it gives me a global perspective, and I’ve been able to experience certain things that I otherwise would never have been able to. At the moment, I live in India, but I’ve lived in Peru, Panama, and Jamaica.

Yes, before you ask, I have met Usain Bolt.

I recently completed my A-Levels, and am now stuck at home because of the global pandemic that some of you may have heard about. A friend of mine recently started a blog, and in turn convinced me to start one. I’ve always had a love for writing, so I’m really looking forward to this!

Every time you look at my blog I promise you will find completely radically different topics and ideas. One day I might talk about politics and the next I might go on an insane rant about spoons.

As for a posting schedule…I”m not sure yet! This is my first blog post- I’m still learning! I would love to use this blog to connect with all of you, so comments are definitely encouraged!

Welcome to my Little Corner of the World

Until Next Time.


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